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What we do

Offshore operations from A–Z

Offshore operations from A–Z

No two projects are the same. A successful outcome requires having a broad competency which covers all aspects of the operation from planning through execution.


The majority of our equipment spread is available for rental on both short and long term basis. Browse our tooling in the key assets page and get in touch for a  quotation.


Whether you are looking for better protection for your asset or bespoke seabed modifications for a future installation or removal, Cecon Contracting and our partners have the knowledge and equipment necessary to meet your requirements.

Seabed intervention services include:

  • Trenching
  • Ploughing
  • Excavation
  • Soil plug removal
  • Dredging
  • Free-span rectification
  • Rock dumping

Seabed intervention projects:


Whilst the specifics of each mooring system and its components vary, the demands of an installation contractor remain the same. Positioning accuracy and minimal line twist are critical to a successful installation.

Cecon Contracting has experience with a multitude of mooring system providers and has the engineering know-how and personnel to ensure a well planned and successfully executed operation.

Moorings services include:

  • Installation of temporary and permanent mooring systems
  • Towing and hook up
  • Mooring line inspection and change out
  • STP buoy installation
  • Mooring system disconnection and de-commissioning

Moorings projects:


The oceans of the world can be hostile environments. Remote, and at the mercy of the weather, risk management becomes a top priority. As a result, a multitude of requirements and guidelines are constantly refined by classification societies and marine warranty surveyors. Navigation of these requirements demands an experienced team and careful planning.

Surface operations include:

  • Towing and transportation
  • Heading control
  • Heavy lift
  • Jacket and topsides installation
  • Offshore welding

Surface projects:


Installing new assets or performing work on existing infrastructure below the water surface can be a challenge, despite modern advancements in survey and ROV technology. Subsurface current, vessel motions and poor visibility create an environment which requires knowledge and experience to convert procedures taking place on the surface into actions at depth in the water.

Cecon Contracting has successfully delivered a multitude of subsea projects in the North Sea, Indian Ocean and offshore West Africa.

Our experience includes:

  • Rigid pipeline installation on S lay
  • Flexible and umbilical installation
  • Power cable transport and installation
  • Fibre optic cable transport and installation
  • Subsea structures transport and installation
  • ROV intervention
  • Piling activities

Subsea projects:


The end of life of an offshore asset is at the back of the mind during the design phase, but remains critical for the overall success of a project. Requirements for restoration of the seabed and safe removal of assets are becoming more stringent year on year, and vary greatly around the world.

Cecon Contracting works in an open manner with the client during every decom project to manage restoration requirements in a way that keeps costs to a minimum whilst ensuring all involved parties will be satisfied with the end result.

Decommissioning operations include:

  • Floater disconnection & Removal
  • Subsea cutting & Recovery
  • Rigid and flexible recovery
  • Umbilical and power cable recovery
  • Removal of subsea assets
  • Towing & Transport
  • Seabed restoration

Decommissioning projects:


Cecon Contracting is an efficient and cost effective subsea contracting organisation. We have a core team of experienced, multi-disciplinary engineers & project managers. We use established engineering principles and our practical experience to find the best solutions for simple and complex projects. In addition, Cecon has a network of specialist resources to hand; long term working relationships with contractors and partners.