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Key assets

equipment for wide spectrum projects

Equipment for wide spectrum projects

Over the years, Cecon Contracting has developed in house and procured a variety of custom installation tooling and equipment. We utilise a trusted fleet of subsea support vessels and advanced ROVs. Our subsea base provides the perfect support center throughout a project’s offshore phase.


A solid platform to build from

Cecon Contracting has relationships with several operators of offshore construction vessels. For each project we select the most appropriate vessel for the Client’s needs, taking into account the vessel’s availability, technical suitability, condition, certification, crew experience and cost effectiveness.

Cecon benefits from cooperation agreements with vessel owners, and has an excellent understanding of the short-term charter market.

In addition, Cecon is currently building a state-of-the-art cable installation vessel which will be delivered from Sefine Shipyard in Turkey Q1 2025. The vessel is designed as a versatile work platform, allowing the vessel to operate in other segments of the offshore industry when not installing cable, prepared for typical offshore wind services as well as light construction work and cable repair. See below link to specification sheet or contact us for further information.


TYPE: Cable Lay Support Vessel, new built with delivery Q1 2025
Vessel info: Length: 99.9m / Beam: 21m / Draft: 6.0 m / Cable Tank: 2800t / Crane: 70t / Deck 1020 m2



TYPE: Cable Lay / Construction Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 127.4m / Beam: 23m / Draft: 6.25 m / Crane: 250t / Deck: 1450 m2
Project: Scylla, Havsil, Zeus, Dirdal-Rennesøy


TYPE: Anchor Handling Construction Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 119.3m / Beam: 27m / Draft: 8.8m / Deck: 1150m2 / Crane: 250t AHC, 30t / ROV: 2 x WROV
Project: Dhirubhai


TYPE: Cable Lay Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 88.2m / Beam: 24m / Draft: 4.5m / Cable Carousel: 3600t / Tensioners: 20t / Crane: 35t / ROV: 1 x WROV
Project: Baltic 1

Polar King

TYPE: IMR / Construction Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 110.6m / Beam: 20m / Draft: 7.6m / Deck: 960m2 / Crane: 150t AHC / ROV: 2 x WROV
Project: Skagenfiber


TYPE: Subsea Construction Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 127.5m / Beam: 27m / Draft: 8.4m / Deck: 1700m2 / Crane: 250t AHC, 25t / ROV: 2 x WROV
Project: Halk el Menzel


TYPE: Anchor Handling Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 92.7m / Beam: 22m / Draft: 7.8m / Deck: 798m2 / Bollard Pull: 282t / ROV: 1 x WROV
Project: Abigail Joseph

EDT Jane

TYPE: PSV, Light Construction Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 88.8m / Beam: 19m / Draft: 6.6m / Deck: 985m2 / Crane: 70t AHC / ROV: 1 x WROV
Project: Ashtart


TYPE: Anchor Handling Vessel
Vessel info: Length: 79.9m / Beam: 19.2m / Draft: 6.8 m / Bollard Pull: 220t / Deck 610 m2
Project: Ashtart, Halk El Menzel


Fit For Purpose Tools

Throughout our years of operation, Cecon have assembled an impressive variety of custom built equipment and installation aids, which are stored and maintained at our offshore base near Arendal, Norway.

These tools are supplemented with off-the-shelf external hires as may be required for the specific job at hand.

The majority of our equipment is available for rental. Please contact us for a quotation and see the below links for further information.


  • Subsea buoyancy element retrieval tool
  • Dimensions: 13 m x 13 m x 6.5 m (17.5 m as lifted)
  • Weight in air: 40.5 t
  • Payload capacity: 25 t

3.5 m Chute

  • 3.5 m radius lay chute
  • Hinged for transit condition
  • Radius: 3.5 m
  • Weight in air: 9.1 t
  • Max product tension: 15 t

36 t Tensioner

  • 4-track 36 t tensioner
  • Contact length: 2.4 m
  • Product diameter: 101 mm–507 mm
  • Maximum speed 1500 m/hr
  • Power: 2 x 75 kW
  • Dimensions: 5.2 m x 3.2 m x 3.3 m

Offshore Reels

  • Offshore Reels for flexible pipe, umbilicals, rope
  • Rotated by hub drive rollers or under rollers
  • Internal diameter: 4.4 m/4.4 m
  • Internal width: 5 m/5 m
  • Outer diameter: 8.5 m/9.22 m
  • Maximum payload: 300 t/300 t

Fibre Optic Basket

  • Fibre optic cable basket with spooling tower
  • Payload lifting: 315 t
  • Payload transit: 500 t
  • Dimensions: 13.3 m x 10.6 m x 11.8 m
  • Inner core diameter: 3 m
  • Outer core diameter: 8 m
  • Core height: 4 m

Clump Weight

  • 37 t clump weight / dead man anchor
  • Skirt for increased holding capacity
  • Dimensions: 4.6 m x 3 m x 1.6 m
  • Weight in air: 37 t
  • Weight in water: 32 t
  • Initiation padeye: 42,5 t

Under Rollers

  • Under roller drive system for offshore reels
  • Dimensions: 1.8 m x 1.4 m x 2.7 m (4 pcs)
  • Load capacity: 4 x 100 t = 400 t
  • Minimum reel dia: 6 m
  • Maximum reel diameter: 12 m
  • Speed: 3 rev/min
  • Drive force: 9 t at wheels

40° 65 m Stinger

  • Modular pipelay stinger
  • Radius: 65 m
  • Departure angle: 40 deg
  • Pipe size: <12”
  • Distance between rollers: 5 m

35° 50 m Stinger

  • Modular pipelay stinger
  • Radius: 50 m
  • Departure angle: 35 deg
  • Pipe size: <6”
  • Distance between rollers: 4 m

Hydraulic Cutters

  • Webtool heavy duty guillotines for subsea use
  • ROV operable
  • HCV270: cables, umbilical and flexible pipe to 270 mm diameter
  • RCV190: high strength
  • 1880 N/mm2 wire rope to 190 mm diameter

Mattress Handling Frame

  • Concrete mattress deployment frame
  • Easy ROV release
  • Modular – Fits 20 ft container
  • 18 mattress securing points
  • Dimensions: 6.6 m x 2.8 m x 0.6 m


Where it all comes together

Mobilisations and demobilisations can be a hectic period in any project’s execution. Preparation is the key, and being able to call on a range of shore based services at short notice provides a safeguard against any unknown challenges that may arise.

For both local and global projects, Cecon’s offshore base at Eydehavn, Norway provides for a smooth start and hassle free conclusion to a project’s offshore phase. Owned and operated by Nymo AS, Cecon have long term rental and storage agreements, and have mobilized out of the base since 2006.

Key facts:

  • Indoor fabrication area: 10.000 m2
  • Outdoor fabrication area: 15.000 m2
  • Gantry crane: 200 t
  • Water depth: 10.5 m
  • Quay front: 150 m